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ExLover NewLover is a rent a rack business in Athelstone of Adelaide, where you can give a new life to your preloved clothes and find new loves. The team is passionate about providing a sustainable way to shop for great second hand designer clothes and accessories. At ExLover NewLover, it goes without saying that the product presentation must be professional. We take care of your second hand fashion as if it were our own. Every day and with a friendly smile! Rent a rack from us and start selling your pre-loved clothes!

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Why rent a rack and sell your clothes with us?

  • Live Tracking of Your Sales Using Our App
  • Premium Street Facing Store Front
  • Wide Floor to Ceiling Windows Attracting Oncoming Traffics
  • All-inclusive Service at a Premium Rate
  • Marketing through our Social Media
  • Turn your wardrobe into cash, it’s that easy!


Promotions that save you money when rent a rack with us!

Premium Package

Elevate Your Wardrobe with Premium Package!

Brands sell well at ExLover NewLover

  • P.E Nation
  • Essentials
  • Country Road
  • Trenery
  • Camilla
  • Aje
  • Sass & Bide
  • Zimmerman
  • Kookai
  • Witchery
  • Seed
  • Zara

Your style deserves the spotlight, and our perks are here to make it happen! ❤️‍🔥

Unlock Premium Privileges:

✨ 1 Featured Post: Showcase your items like never before!
✨ 3 Instagram Stories Per Week: Expand your reach and engagement effortlessly.
✨ Complete Rack Setup: From steaming to pricing, we’ve got you covered!
✨ Top-Up Services: Keep your collection fresh with ease throughout the rental.
✨ Effortless Pack Down: Relax as we handle everything at the end of your rental period. 💁🏻‍♀️

3 Sizes to Choose From


*Minimum booking of 14 days is required
*$2 booking fee apply
^T&Cs applied


*Minimum booking of 14 days is required
*$2 booking fee apply
^T&Cs applied


*Minimum booking of 14 days is required
*$3 booking fee apply
^T&Cs applied

Experience unmatched convenience! Secure your Rack Today and let your wardrobe shine on our website. ✨
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Other Packages

Basic Packages


*Minimum booking of 14 days is required
*$2 booking fee apply
^T&Cs applied


*Minimum booking of 14 days is required
*$2 booking fee apply
^T&Cs applied


*Minimum booking of 14 days is required
*$3 booking fee apply
^T&Cs applied

Need to Expand Your Reach and Engagement to Potential Customers?

Upgrade to Social Media Package, Includes 3 Instagram Stories Posted by Our Staff Per Week.
Extra $25 Per 7 days.

No Time to Drop Your Clothes Off?

*Pick up and drop off service is available! Let us take care of everything for you!

^T&Cs applied

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Lux Cabinet

Free Display in our Lux Cabinet over 14 days
Including High End Jewellery, Bags & Accessories

*30% Commission applies on Sold Items*
New pricing applies from 1st Nov, 2023

Australian & International Luxury good brands accepted.
Authentication process completed via Email.

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We Recommend a Minimum of 2 Weeks Booking Due to Customer Demographics

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Danni NDanni N
02:09 13 Apr 24
I have had 2 rents at Ex Lover New Lover now.The communication is always so friendly, helpful and prompt. Store is always so neat and tidy, so I don't worry about my clothes potentially getting trashed. And I love that you have a premium package so I don't have to worry about pricing, set up etcThank you Alexis 💕
Kylie crabtreeKylie crabtree
22:59 02 Apr 24
If you are looking for a place to sell your preloved garments you can not go past Exlover Newlover. My experience has been a very positive one. From my first contact with Alexis & her team to finalising my rental period the communication has always been friendly, helpful & accomodating. I will definitely be using them again. 😊
14:34 02 Apr 24
I have found some good items at this place but there are several issues.Quality control is non-existent. The quality of the clothes are very variable and dependent on the rack renter - some are excellent, brand new with tag or really well cared for. Some are dirty or old with pit stains, excessive piling, holes and rips. Also regularly has counterfeit brand name items so beware.I agree with poor customer service from the staff, including the owner. She's just not friendly and I feel uncomfortable with her negative energy. Once when an elderly woman inquired about logistics of renting a rack, she was really condescending and rude. She kept saying "it's all there on Instagram" when the elderly woman probably didn't have Instagram. She obviously wants to cater to a certain population but she needs to handle herself better.There is favouritism shown towards certain renters and racks - this has been commented on by other reviewers.I think this shop has potential once there are huge improvement in above areas. Until then, I won't be recommending this shop or going out of my way to shop here.
Imelda SetiwanImelda Setiwan
11:01 22 Mar 24
It's situated in beautiful leafy suburb Athelstone so I gave one star only for the location not for the shop. I live in Campbelltown and one of my friend from Pasedena wants to visit this place. As soon as we entered the place we got a very negative vibe from the staff standing on the counter, anyway moving forward we started browsing and tried few dresses and put them back nicely on the same racks, but staff approached us and start yelling why you put the dresses on the floor? Me and my friend felt very uncomfortable with her rude, unprofessional, unethical, full of negative energy behaviour as she was lying and there was no dress on the floor. As staff was super rude we decided to leave the shop, but she whispered on our back that don't come here find another Pre- Love store. We were like come on Honey!! it's look like you are already struggling as most of the racks were empty 🤣🤣. The staff seems only good to the renters as they generate profit from them but so rude and arrogant to the community. It's so sad to see such a waste of location. Hope God heal the staff soon.
Kristen KostarasKristen Kostaras
22:42 21 Mar 24
ELNL is where you need to be! I was embarassed about selling my stuff but Alexis is so warm and lovely and makes you feel so comfortable! The store is bright and airy and always so clean and smells amazing. The quality of items for offer is always top tier. If you’re buying you won’t be disappointed, if you’re selling Alexis is so supportive and helpful and makes it a great experience!
Tina BlefariTina Blefari
11:37 21 Mar 24
Exlover newlover is a fantastic shopAlexis is an amazing person to deal with very caring and compassionate. Alexis sold my 2 Authentic Louis Vuitton bags and did a great job of advertising. #goalexisyourock#
Jessica UzelacJessica Uzelac
03:36 05 Mar 24
My experience at ExLover and NewLover has been amazing! As soon as I spoke to Alexis on the phone I knew straight away I was comfortable and happy to rent a rack from her. Her professionalism and experience was second to none and I knew before walking into the shop this lady takes so much pride in looking after her customers. Unreal layout, so neat and tidy. It's a beautiful shop. I've rented racks elsewhere before but by far this has been the best experience. Thanks Alexis
A Google User
A Google User
03:36 05 Mar 24
My experience at ExLover and NewLover has been amazing! As soon as I spoke to Alexis on the phone I knew straight away I was comfortable and happy to rent a rack from her. Her professionalism and experience was second to none and I knew before walking into the shop this lady takes so much pride in looking after her customers. Unreal layout, so neat and tidy. It's a beautiful shop. I've rented racks elsewhere before but by far this has been the best experience. Thanks Alexis
06:04 28 Feb 24
I cannot rate ExLover NewLover and Alexis highly enough! Not only do they have such a fantastic range of sustainable pieces to choose from but the customer service is amazing. After grabbing some amazing pieces from the store last Saturday I came home to find my diamond tennis bracelet was missing! In a panic I called the store for them to keep an eye out, not holding my breath. To my suprise Alexis called me today to let me know she went through the whole store and found it!! Couldnt be happier. Thank you xxx
Anthea VancoAnthea Vanco
00:06 05 Dec 23
I have been a customer since the store first opened its doors. Alexis always provides professional service. Ex lover new lover is such an affordable place to shop all the latest labels. I have rented a rack and have been more successful with selling my clothes here than marketplace.
23:19 20 Nov 23
Alexis and Tae are passionate about their business, which shines through in the excellent customer service they provide to their rack holders and customers.I’ve had rental racks with a few other businesses, however I will continue to go back to ELNL to sell my preloved clothes because of their social media presence, shop cleanliness, and friendly service.
Gabriella LopreteGabriella Loprete
10:41 15 Sep 23
My sister-in-law and I had a rack at Ex Lover New Lover and it was such a great experience! The owner Alexis is very professional, great at communicating and responds to messages quickly, and the store is always so neat and tidy! They use an app so you can track all your sales, and you have the ability to top up your rack any time you like. They also have a great social media following where they post photos of your items throughout the day.Would definitely recommend to all our friends. They also have an amazing referral program!Gabriella and Serena xx
Anna JonesAnna Jones
11:04 04 Sep 23
My experience selling my clothes at ExLover NewLover was fantastic. Alexis was super helpful in explaining how the website worked after booking a rack. I was given lots of advice on pricing and achieving sales. The store is always presented beautifully and the social media marketing is great too.
Jacqueline HilfyJacqueline Hilfy
05:44 31 Aug 23
I recently had the pleasure of renting a rack from Exlover Newlover, and I must say it was an absolutely amazing experience. The level of communication and ease provided by Alexis is truly unmatched. Having tried other options in the past, I can confidently say that Alexis made this process incredibly simple and enjoyable. If you're looking for a hassle-free and top-notch rack renting experience, Ex Love Newlover is the one to go to. Highly recommended!
Jess - M ChhanJess - M Chhan
06:13 27 Aug 23
My experience with ex lover new lover has been nothing amazing. The app is a great way to track your sales small or big it’s always exciting when the $ goes up each time. This is my first time renting a rack and I would definitely be back to do another load. Thanks guys
Just needed to share the amazing experiences I’ve had at Adelaide’s best pre-loved clothing retailers. I’ve been a frequent customer here for a while, and every time I am greeted with a warm welcome, big smiles and friendly conversation. Alexis and her team are amazing, knowledgeable and helpful! I decided to rent a rack for myself and was so shocked at how much money I have made, i rented for 2 weeks, and made over $500 back in just over a week! (I still have a few days left of my rental) I honestly am so surprised at how well my items sold here, I was getting ready to just donate them after having them listed for sale unsuccessfully on external sources online. I’ve already made a massive profit and I’m so glad I decided to rent a rack here! It was so easy to book my rack, the communication has been excellent, promotion and display easy with the assistance of staff, and the online aspect so easy to navigate! Thank you so much to the whole team who have made my experiences as a customer and a renter absolutely fantastic, easy and fun!
jessica simonejessica simone
01:48 20 Aug 23
My sister and her friend rented a rack through ex liver new lover and when I heard of their experience I had to try it out for myself.It was so easy to book my rack, and was a very smooth experience.Alexis was so friendly and so nice when I went in to set up my rack, she gave me heaps of tips and tricks on how to make my tack more appealing and how I can maximise as much profit as possible. I’ll definitely be booking again soon.
Brianna GreenBrianna Green
13:08 13 Jul 23
I have had the best experience at Exlover and can not speak more highly of them! Their communication is amazing, advice on pricing etc and promotion on social media is an awesome boost to help sell your things. I got a week free as my sister referred me! They also offer bank transfer and postage if you find something on the socials. Head down to Athelstone and support a wonderful small business! ?
Antonietta AntoninoAntonietta Antonino
09:38 13 Jul 23
I had an amazing experience selling clothes with Ex Lover New Lover. The website is very easy to use and the owner Alexis kept in touch with me regularly throughout the process and was very helpful. You have the flexibilty to tag the items and set up the racks yourself or get help from the staff. Very easy to keep track of sales too! Highly recommend ?
11:54 11 Jul 23
Love everything about this business...nothing but positive feedback! They are always so welcoming and genuinely care about making sure their customers have an amazing experience! The store is very clean with a modern layout, and all items are in great condition (something you don’t see at many other pre love stores). They offer a lot of help and have made my first time renting a very enjoyable experience! The owners are lovely and are quick to respond to any messages. I highly recommend renting a rack or even popping in store for a visit because you definitely won’t regret it! ???
Emily GreenEmily Green
06:19 11 Jul 23
Had an amazing experience at Exlover new lover! I'm so happy with the fast replies and strong communication, you can tell there is a lot of care taken in this business. They are so good on their social media with advertising which drew me in in the first place. The shop interior is very clean and well taken care of. I have made over 3x more money here than that another Pre-loved boutique I have tried before. It is so much quicker than trying to sell on marketplace or Depop. Would highly recommend!
Lauren GreenLauren Green
00:54 11 Jul 23
I had the most amazing experience renting a rack at Ex Lover New Lover Athelstone! The owner Alexis is extremely friendly & helpful, & keeps her shop looking immaculate & beautiful at all times!! I love their promo code & referral system also; I was able to receive two weeks of free rent after referring two friends, and on top of that they also received two free days using my code! I am extremely satisfied with my profit & am so glad to have got rid of some clothes I no longer wear in an ethical way! Will definitely be back to rent here & will continue to recommend it to others!! Xx
04:26 29 Jun 23
Couldn’t have asked for a nicer experience at this store. The shop is not only super tidy, clean and organised.. But the girls are so warm, kind, genuine and supportive with the whole process. They are also so proactive with promoting sales online. Both buying customers and selling clients are equally cared for. I will be both buying and selling into the future! Their friendly store has been such a lovely addition to a small shopping complex. Always greeted with so much warmth, even if you are just having a browse to see what’s new for the week!
Natalie CNatalie C
03:20 18 Jun 23
I’ve had racks at other venues around town but there’s nothing around quite like Ex Lover New Lover. The customer service, welcoming atmosphere, social media support, beautiful store presentation, referral program, and quality of the items is second to none. You can tell that Alexis, Tae and their team really care about making sure that their renters and customers have a great experience.
Chiara VozzoChiara Vozzo
06:21 17 Jun 23
Second time renter at ex lover new lover and highly recommend to rent a rack!! They use social media to sell and the shop is so clean and tidy compared to other pre loved stores. Also such amazing service by Alexis and Tae!
Denise GhiglioneDenise Ghiglione
22:33 15 Jun 23
Amazing experience! I bring al my sportswear in a bag, and they organised my rack all perfect for me!! Sold almost everything + found some really cute new outfits!!! Can’t recommend they enough!!! And probably they will see me soon back 😍💗✨
Giulia SciancaleporeGiulia Sciancalepore
12:33 02 Jun 23
Couldn’t be happier with the service from Tae and Alexis. I have both purchased and sold items here and had such a great experience. The store is neat, aesthetic and the easiest pre loved store to shop in. Would highly recommend renting a rack to make some money and going in for a sustainable bargain. Five stars isn’t enough!
Dana CaridiDana Caridi
05:20 31 May 23
Ex Lover New Lover in Atheleston, hands down is one of the most vibrant, welcoming and cleanest stores in Adelaide! The staff are so inviting and joyful. The change rooms are clean, spacious and modern. The music is always pumping and I don’t ever come out of the store without a bargain! I am a second time renter and can say that I will respectfully never need or want to rent anywhere else! Ex Lover New Lover Atheleston is where it’s at!!
Pat ThomasPat Thomas
03:28 26 May 23
So I dropped of my clothes and LOVED that they can price, steam and present your clothes for you IF you choose that option.I couldn't resist buying things while I was there.Why buy NEW when you buy USED. Such a beautiful shop, so well run and promoted on socials.CLASS above all the others! Lovely owners too! I will be a regular! 🙂
Kelly RossiKelly Rossi
02:29 04 Apr 23
The best value for money and service I have been involved with. I’m so time poor, this is the only place of its kind to offer door to door pick up AND pricing set up. Both Alexis and Tae’s communication is top notch and they always strive for the best outcome for their clients (and buyers too!). The presentation of the showroom floor is boutique, clean and up market. I highly recommend and will return to sell some more clothes in a few months time.
Casey SmithCasey Smith
07:53 08 Mar 23
I rented a rack for a few weeks at Ex Lover New Lover and it was such a postitive experience. The store feels very lux and Alexis was very helpful through out the process. The communication was amazing. They also use their social media to help sell your items.If your looking to rent a rack in Adelaide, this is the place to do it.
Tayla WardTayla Ward
01:04 08 Mar 23
I have known Alexis for years, and my experience renting a rack with Ex Lover New Lover was nothing short of fantastic! Alexis and Tae have created a beautiful store. They’re very professional and make sure that all their renters and shoppers have the best in store experience. I can’t forget to mention how great their socials are also!
Renae MarieRenae Marie
06:57 19 Feb 23
Beautiful service, beautiful place and just overall a very memorable and beautiful experience. I sold a rack here for three weeks and the owners, Alexis & Tae were very helpful and flexible with allowing me to renew my rack so they can try to further my sales. Additionally, Alexis is on the ball with the marketing and will market your stock well! ?
Victoria LaurielloVictoria Lauriello
02:39 14 Feb 23
I rented a rack at Ex Love New Lover and it was amazing! Such a good experience with amazing customer service and communication from the owners Alexis and Tae. Could not recommend more and I will definitely be going back!!
Kim OlbisonKim Olbison
03:48 09 Feb 23
I Rented a Rack at Exlover NewLover and i enjoyed every minute I will be doing it again. The owners Alexis and Tae are amazing very supportive, full of energy and enthusiastic just beautiful people. I would encourage everyone to try Rent a Rack Rack with ExLover NewLover. Its also a great shopping experience, great clothes at great prices