Frequently Asked Questions

How to Book a Rack with Exlover Newlover?

  1. Register for our booking system here
  2.  Login and Click “Reserve a Place”
  3. Click on “Time Table” View
  4. Click on the rack and the day you want to start your booking
  5. Complete the booking form and make a reservation
  6. Pay the reservation fee online or in store to secure your booking!
  7. Start earning money by selling your pre loved clothes!

Check out the video above! Use our easy to follow online booking system (Zellr) or call us on 0499 735 786. Otherwise, pop into the store during open business hours and we will set you up in no time!

Zellr is the booking program used by us and all over the world for rent-a-rack boutiques. Its easy to follow step by step in allowing you to price and put a description for your garments/accessories. With the barcode automatically generated and so you can track the sales of your garments and mangage your rack reservation with ease.

Create a product sheet on the left hand side of your account. Start itemise your garments. Once all your garments are itemised, you will need to print the labels, and tag them onto your garments.

Yes you can! Or we can print them off for you in the shop, whichever you prefer.

Yes we do! Or you can make them whichever you prefer. Most clients use ours as it’s convenient!

Yes we do! We use our own coat hangers. We also provide clip on coat hangers

Yes we do! No need to bring them with you.

Yes! You can sell your accessories with us! Each rack has some slots allowed for you to display the accessories. However, any accessories of value greater than $150 will have to be displayed within our lux cabinet.

**Accessories are any non-garments, including shoes, bags, hats, etc. Each rack has a limited amount of accessories you can display. 30% commision rates apply for accessories displaying in the lux cabinet

That’s totally up to you! We’ve found small rack will take anywhere between 15min-45min & medium will take 30min-60min to tag and set up. If you collect the tags from the shop and tag your clothes at home, you just need to bring the garments and hang them which will save you time! 

You can set up as soon as we open on the day or 1 day prior in the afternoon if the rack is available. 

Yes you can! You can top up as you sell during your rental to maximise your sales + profit.

No we don’t! We promote your garments as part of our premium service! We make sure items on your rack will be promoted via our Instagram stories at least 1-2 times per week. 

Within 14 days when you collect your garments.

Terms & Conditions

Our service:

ExLover NewLover is a Rent-A-Rack, Pre-Loved, second-hand fashion store. 
 We provide an easy way for you to recycle your good quality garments, earn money and help the world become more sustainable.
 We only accept clean & undamaged clothing & accessories for sale at our store.
 We reserve the right to reject & remove any items that we deem unsuitable for sale or presentation at our store.
 The seller agrees to follow the below terms and conditions set by ExLover NewLover.
 ExLover NewLover reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time.

Charges and payment of proceeds:

* Rack rentals rates and commission rates are detailed on our website and are subject to change.
 * Rack bookings can be made online or by contacting the store. 
 * Rack rental fees must be paid at the time of booking. 
 * Rental fees are none refundable.
 * No refunds are issued if the seller decides to finish their rental early.
 * In addition to the rack rental fee, we charge a percentage commission on all items sold.
 * Please provide bank detail, BSB & ACC number on the day of your rack collection.
 * The proceeds of sales, less commission, are paid to the seller’s bank account within 15 days of the end of the rental period.
 * Strictly online/ card payments only.
 * Please note, 10% commission applies to ALL booking made from 28.11.23 Tuesday.


Self-Serve (Setting up your Rack)

Before Setting Up:

1. Once you have booked your rack, you can start itemizing and pricing your garments.

• Log in, then click Product Pricing
• Create a new product sheet (each sheet allows to add 33 items)
The system allows a short description of up to 35 characters.

For example:

“Zimmerman Red Dress Size S”

“Aje T-Shirt White Size 10”

It’s best to be specific with each description.

2. Before your rack rental starts, we can print the labels in the store for you to attach to the items. The labels has Unique Barcode & Price tags

Our store system only reads our unique barcodes– items without code will not be sold.

3. You also have the option to print the labels and tag them onto your garments at home if you choose to.

4. Make sure all items are cleaned, pressed & steamed before you bring them to the store.

5. Put all items in a large bag, or a suitcase or a container. 

6. Bring items to the store, preferably in the morning of the start date of your rental. We will assign you to your rack. 

7. We provide the renters with our own coat hangers therefore you don’t need to bring them.

8. ExLover NewLover does not provide any storage space for renters. Any packaging, bags etc must be taken by you. They are not to be left in our store. The aisles must be kept clean at all times. No sale items are allowed on the aisle floor due to fire safety and hygiene reasons.

9. You have the option to apply a discount on the day of setting up your rack.

10. Accessories are any non-garments, including shoes, bags, hats, etc. 

11. ExLover NewLover has the final right in deciding what’s considered as accessories.

12. Any accessories $150 and over will be placed in our LUX cabinet instead of being displayed on your rack, and 30% sales commission applies.



During Your Rental:

1. As your garments sell, you can come in to refill your rack. You can track your sales on our Zellr app (We will send you the link via text or search on App store – type Zellr).

2. We recommend you do a 20% to 50% (10% increment) off on your rack at any time during your rental period. You can also apply discount on the first day of your rental. However, this is not compulsory. 

3. Discount % must apply to all items on your rack. 

4. All discount % change requests must be done via text (ExLover NewLover Shop number 0499735786) or via Instagram (as we are most active on Instagram platform).

5. Once the renter decides on the amount of discount %, we will attach a sale sign on your rack. 

6. All changes are confirmed via text.


Towards the End of Your Rental:

1. Your rack must be emptied on the last day of your rental agreement. Please ensure you come at least 1 hour before store closing time to collect any leftover items.

2. If the renter is unable to collect on the last day:• Check if the current booked rack is available to renew
• If yes, we may add/renew days until the renter’s new collection date
• Fees may be deducted from total sales
• We will confirm via text. 

3. If the current booked rack is unavailable to renew, we will relocate the garments to another rack. Rack relocation fee may incur if you require us to relocate the garments on your behalf.

4. If the renter fails to inform us on the last day, there will be a $30 pack-down fee.

5. Additional storage charge of $30 per day will be deducted from sale proceeds if items are not picked up on the following day of pack-down from your rack.

6. Items not collected within 7 days of rental finishing will become property of ExLover NewLover and will be disposed of at our discretion.

7. When packing down your clothes, please check each price tag to make sure the clothes are yours.


For Premium Package (Previously Known As All Inclusive Package):

1. Premium Package bookings must be a MINIMUM of 14 days.

2. ALL garments & accessories must be dropped off a minimum of 4 days prior to rental start date. This will allow us sufficient time to price, steam, tag and set-up your rack. 

3. We will top up your rack during your rental as you make sales.

4. You are allowed to bring maximum of 40 garments for Small Rack & 80 for Medium Rack.

5. If the renter wishes to drop off more garments during their rental (once the rental has begun), there will be a fee of $5 per item for us to set up. You can avoid this fee by creating a product sheet and setting up. self-set up does not involve any extra charges.

6. It’s imperative for the renter to conduct a quality check on ALL garments & accessories prior to dropping them off. 

7. Any damaged or dirty items will not be added to your rack. This meticulous inspection ensures that only pristine and well-maintained garments are processed and contributes to maintaining the high standards of our service.

8. All garments & accessories must be dropped off in a garbage bag/s (as they are easy to dispose of). Each bag/s must have your name, number of garments & accessories.

9. For pack-down, the same rule as Towards the End of Your Rental applies, except pack-down is complementary, which is part of the Premium package. 



Book Now Pay Later Offer

 *We will check the quality of renter’s clothes + accessories prior to accepting them. We will look for stains, rips etc.
*We reserve the right to reject & remove any items that we deem unsuitable for sale or presentation at our store.
*Once we accept your clothes + accessories, Credit card details must be provided prior to making a booking.
*All bookings must be a minimum of 3 weeks.
*We require a minimum of 7 days notice to cancel your booking.
*If the renter fails to set-up on the start date of their rental, we will process the total rental hire via credit card provided.
Eg. 3 weeks on Basic Small Rack with Basic Package = $171. $171 wil be charged.
*Depends on which Package option you have chosen, same Ts&Cs apply for Self-Serve & Premium Package, except there will be 8% commission on total sale for Book Now Pay Later Offer.


*During your rental, we will use the profit from sales from your rack to pay for your rental hire. 
Eg. If your total rental hire is $300, when your sales reach $300, we will process the hire fee using your profit.
*When the rental hire is paid in full from the sales, we will notify the renter.
*If the total sale is less than the rental hire at the end of the rental period, we will only process the rental hire that is outstanding. 
Eg. If the renter makes $200 at the end of rental and the rental hire is $300, we will only process $200. 
*Commission is calculated from total sales made after the rental hire had been processed. 
Eg. Total sale is $1000, rental hire is $300, commission is calculated from $700. 


* We will do our best to ensure that your clothes are safe with us, however ExLover NewLover takes no responsibility if any item is damaged, lost or stolen or if there was a fire, water damage or other unforeseen situations. 
* Our store has camera surveillance, all thefts will be reported to the police.
* Selling of goods that do not belong to you or goods that are stolen, is prohibited. The seller guarantees that they have the right to sell the items. Any offences will be reported to the police.
* ExLover NewLover retains the right to use images and video of the items to promote the store on social media (instagram, facebook ect) and our website.