Rent a Rack Adelaide

If you are looking for options to sell used clothing in great condition while also getting to look at new preloved designer clothing then we are excited to help. At Exlover Newlover we give our clients a way to sell and buy second-hand accessories and clothing ensuring everything is displayed professionally. We offer all kinds of clients rent a rack Adelaide based opportunities. Let’s take a closer look!

More and more people are selling used clothing

There are a number of reasons why the popularity of selling and buying second-hand fashion items has become more popular over recent years. It is a great way to get some money back on clothing that no longer fits or you no longer wear. It is also a much better approach for the environment, embracing the importance of reusing and repurposing things. It is also a more affordable way to add to your accessories and wardrobe especially when it comes to designer labels.

Tips for selling accessories and clothing

Here are some tips from our professionals to help you get the most out of what you sell.

  1. As you look through the closet be honest with things like your current size and whether you will ever fit into something again. Embrace your new figure and treat yourself to something that fits who you are now. If it has been several months, unless it is because it is a seasonal item, you could easily add it to your sell list.
  2. Consider what people want to buy, and that is something you could direct by what you think about, latest trends, designer labels, high-quality, and great condition, these are things that make clothing and accessories easier to re-sell at our rent a rack, Adelaide located business. If anything is not in good enough shape you should consider donating.
  3. At Exlover Newlover we understand the importance of presentation and making things look appealing to draw in customers. It is important to take excellent pictures and make sure the lighting is just right.
  4. Be prepared for dips in sales sometimes, people go through periods where they might not be buying luxury items so you need to be patient.
  5. Group items together to attract more interest. People love a great deal.
  6. Work out a system or use a professional outfit where you can rent a rack Adelaide, so that everything is organised, sales are updated and prices are always clear. We print barcodes for the price tags to be attached to each item you are selling. If it does not have a barcode it cannot be sold.
  7. Using our system you can enter a short decision of up to 35 characters so make sure you are clear on each garment or accessory.
  8. Make sure all items are cleaned, steamed or pressed and looking great before you bring them in.
  9. As items sell you can come in and refill the rack to maximise your sales and keep customers happy.
  10. When your rent a rack Adelaide time period is coming to an end it is a good idea to do a sale for the last items you have there. While it is not something we expect clients to do, a 20% to 50% sale can help shift whatever you have left, and people will remember that you do this and might come back for the next one! Any clothes not picked up after 7 days past the end date become ours.

Come check us out!

If you are interested in selling and/or buying preloved but great-condition clothing and accessories, come visit Exlover Newlover today! Save money, save the planet, and enjoy some guilt-free shopping.